Conditions of participation for the Amsee bonus program

  1. Scope of services and organizer of the Amsee bonus program

The organizer of the Amsee bonus program is Hotel Amsee GmbH, Amsee 6, 17192 Waren/Müritz Germany (hereinafter referred to as “Amsee”).
By participating in the Amsee bonus program, the Amsee cardholder (hereinafter also referred to as “participant”) has the opportunity to collect stamps as part of his hotel overnight stays in the hotels participating in the Amsee bonus program, which he can exchange for an overnight stay bonus for 5 stamps. In addition, every Amsee card holder then enjoys a permanent 10% discount on accommodation if they have booked directly through the hotel. Unless expressly stated otherwise, these conditions of participation apply to all Amsee cardholders.

  1. Conditions of participation for the Amsee bonus program
  2. Participation and status of the participant

1.1 Only individual natural persons who have reached the age of 18 can participate in the Amsee bonus program. Companies, legal entities, other organizations and groups as well as employees of Amsee and companies affiliated with Amsee are not eligible to participate. Multiple registrations by individuals are not permitted. There is no legal entitlement to participate in the Amsee bonus program.

1.2 Participation in the Amsee bonus program is free of charge. In order to become a participant, the guest fills out the relevant application form in full and sends it to Amsee by fax, letter or hand it over in person at the hotel reception. After receipt of the fully completed form, Amsee will send the participant his Amsee Card by post or hand it over personally.

Participation in the Amsee bonus program begins as soon as the application is received at Hotel Amsee.

The Amsee Card then received is non-transferrable and remains the property of Hotel Amsee. If the Amsee Card is lost, the participant must inform Amsee immediately. Amsee will then issue the participant with a replacement card free of charge upon request.

1.3 The status of the participant depends on the number of stamps.

  1. Acquisition of Amsee stamp

2.1 It is possible to collect Amsee bonus stamps from the start of participation (see I. 1.2).
In order for the participant to receive stamps for their stays at Amsee, the participant must present the card at check-in or check-out. Subsequent crediting of Amsee stamps is not possible.

2.2 The participant receives a stamp for every stay of 2 nights or more. The participant must book the room himself or pay on site or in advance and start his stay himself. Booking for family and friends does not entitle you to the Amsee stamp.

2.3 The participant does not receive an Amsee stamp for:
a) services booked through tour operators or travel agents and for which the participant receives a voucher from the tour operator or travel agent;
b) Stays that are billed at special rates, e.g.
B. Special rates for travel agents, crews/airlines, etc.; c) all sales, including overnight stays, generated as part of conferences, events and organized group stays;
d) all accommodation awards or hotel services used via Amsee Stamp;
e) the purchase of vouchers and the use of services that are paid for with a voucher;
f) Overnight stays and the ancillary services directly associated with them (e.g. final cleaning), if these are related to owner coupons.
g) Bookings via third-party platforms (, HRS, Expedia, Touridat etc.)

2.4 The assignment or pledging of Amsee stamps and Amsee privileges to other participants in the Amsee bonus program or to third parties is excluded.

2.5 Amsee manages the participants' stamp accounts in a central database. The participant can find out the current status of the Amsee stamps he has collected on his card.

  1. Redemption of Amsee stamps

3.1 Amsee stamps can only be exchanged for overnight stay awards that are advertised on the Hotel Amsee website or in other special publications of the Amsee bonus program.

3.2 The overnight stay awards can only be booked by telephone or in writing at the Hotel Amsee, stating the card serial number.
Hotel Amsee GmbH,
Amsee 6
17192 Waren/Müritz;

3.3 The overnight awards are subject to availability at the time the order is placed. If the desired overnight stay is not available, Amsee will inform the participant immediately and offer him an alternative.

3.5 The conversion of Amsee stamps into a monetary value and their payment in cash or offsetting are excluded.
In the case of overnight stay awards that have already been booked but not used, the respective Amsee stamp will only be credited back to the participant retrospectively if the Amsee cardholder cancels the award night at the Hotel Amsee in good time, observing the cancellation deadlines. In the event of a late cancellation, the Amsee stamps accumulated for this purpose expire without replacement. The cancellation of an overnight stay award will only be accepted in the Hotel Amsee either by telephone or in writing.

3.6 Only a limited contingent of rooms is available for the overnight stay awards. This means that overnight stay awards can only be redeemed on request and subject to availability and prior booking confirmation. The overnight awards are valid at the Hotel Amsee and include one night in a double room including breakfast (for a maximum of 2 people).

III. Other provisions for the Amsee bonus program

  1. termination of participation

1.1 Both parties can terminate participation in the Amsee bonus program at any time without notice and without giving reasons. The participant can give notice of termination by post to the address: Hotel Amsee GmbH, Amsee 6, 17192 Waren/Müritz or by email to Amsee stamps expire immediately after receipt of the cancellation.

1.2 Amsee reserves the right to extraordinary termination without notice for good cause. An important reason exists in particular if the participant culpably violates the conditions of participation in a serious manner. The same applies in the event of misuse or material false information. Misuse occurs in particular in the event of a violation of II. 2.4.

1.3 With the death of an Amsee cardholder, their participation in the Amsee bonus program ends. A transfer is not possible.

1.4 Amsee reserves the right to end the Amsee bonus program at any time without giving reasons and to terminate the contract of participation. For the stamps existing at the time of termination, the regulations according to III. 1.1. The same applies in the event that Amsee replaces the program with another. In this case, the participant also has a right to termination in accordance with III. 1.1.




  1. program changes

Amsee reserves the right to make changes or additions to the Amsee bonus program and the associated conditions of participation at any time, whereby Amsee will take the interests of the participants into account appropriately. The changes or additions are deemed to have been approved by the participant and become part of the contract if the participant does not object to them in writing to Amsee within one month of becoming aware of them.

  1. Liability

In principle, Amsee is only liable for all legal and contractual claims in the event of intentional or grossly negligent conduct. As an exception, Amsee is liable for slight negligence in the event of damage based on the violation of essential contractual obligations or due to injury to life, limb or health. In the case of damage based on the breach of essential contractual obligations, liability is limited to the foreseeable damage typical of the contract. Liability on the part of Amsee for consequential or indirect damage is excluded. Exclusions and limitations of liability apply in the same way for a legal representative or vicarious agent.

  1. Applicable Law

It is only the law of the Federal Republic of Germany.

Status: August 2018