Massages & beauty treatments


Peace and relaxation of the body and soul are important for successful holidays or a successful conference. You can now enjoy massages and beauty treatments of your choice after a prior appointment. Please contact us via telephone so that we can find a suitable appointment slot for you.


Make the most of your holidays to release the tensions, activate your self-healing powers and to refuel your energy.

Touch Life Massage

44 45 mins.
  • An aroma oil massage with soothing and relaxing effect through individual fragrances that will relieve you from all kinds of stress.

Ayurasan Body

49 50 mins.
  • Special massage method by Gertraud Gruber: full body treatment with gentle peeling, massage and therapeutic substances.

Massage with hot stones

49 50 mins.
  • Massage of the meridians – also known as “energy points” or “chakras” – using hot stones. Pleasant heat and the sense of well-being flow through the body and activate your energy resources.

Partial body massage

19 20 mins.
  • Relaxation and relief for your back and neck.

Bio release head massage

14 15 mins
  • Special massage for face, scalp and neck area; releases tensions and internal blockages.

Exquisite eye treatment

7 15 mins
  • Special massage that stimulates the regeneration of the eye area.

Beauty treatments

Let us pamper you to the fullest! Relax with our spa and beauty treatments and enjoy your fresh new look.

Small beauty treatment

34 40 mins.
  • Face, neck and low neckline treatment with intensive cleaning, peeling, eyebrow correction, masks, face, neck and low neckline massage, daily skin care.

Classic treatment

49 60 mins.
  • Face, neck and low neckline treatment with intensive cleaning, peeling, eyebrow correction, individual masks as per the skin texture, ampulla, massage, finishing care.

Exquisite treatment

59 80 mins.
  • Face, neck and low neckline treatment with intensive cleaning, peeling, eyebrow correction, ampulla, individual active agent packs, neck and low neckline massage, hand and arm massage including facial packs and finishing care.

Anti stress treatment

64 80 mins.
  • Hydro wellness plus method: relaxation treatment with regenerating algae fleece and massage. Rejuvenating, refreshing and firming.

Ayurvedic treatments

59 75 mins.
  • At the beginning of the treatment, you will get a head massage with warm oil and a foot massage followed by the classic beauty treatment. Ayurveda activates your energy flow and triggers the self-healing powers.

Beauty treatment for men

45 50 mins.
  • Special treatment for the men's skin for more vitality and relaxation; includes cleaning, peeling, massage, mask and daily skin care.
  • 49 60 mins.
  • Includes a head massage.

Full body scrub

19 25 mins.
  • Free your body from impurities and get a glowing and fresh look.

Full body care

19 25 mins.
  • Nourishing pack for a quick refreshment of the skin using firming and regenerating products. Followed by a massage.


  • Coloring of eyebrows
  • 650
  • Coloring of eyelashes
  • Optimize your daily routine by saving yourself time from now on.


29 40 mins.
  • You deserve professional nail care for a perfect look by using a hand care package.
  • 31 40 mins.
  • Including nail polish


29 40 mins.
  • Foot bath, foot massage and improving the appearance of feet.
  • 31 40 mins.
  • Including nail polish

Opening times

Mon – Fri
04:00 – 10:00 p.m 10:00am – 10:00pm

Steam infusion takes place on weekdays between 05:00 and 09:00 pm and on weekends between 11:00 am and 09:00 pm

* The Spa will remain closed on December 24th and 25th. On December 26th we will re-open at 04:00 pm

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