Approx. 115,000 – 11,600 years ago Formation of the Mecklenburg Lake District in the Weichselian glacial periods (the last freezing phase in the ice age).
Approx. 16,000
years ago
Formation of the hilly terminal moraine landscape extended in the north of Waren (Müritz).
Approx. 5000
years ago
Stone-age settlements and formation of megalithic tombs.
Up to 500 AD Settlement by Germanic tribes.
6 – 12th century Settlement in the region by Slavs.
1160 The Duke Henry the Lion defeated the Slav Prince Nikolot and converted the region to Christianity.
1618 – 48 In the thirty-year war, 70% of the Mecklenburg population lost their lives.
Up to 1820 Large estates and serfdom characterise the region.
Up to the 2nd
world war
Formation for several manor houses and landscape gardens.
1913-1915 Alexander Schöller, the Berlin-based art dealer constructed the country house at the northern bank of the Tiefwarensee, where the current main building of Hotel Amsee is located.
1921 Acquisition of the Schöller country house by the Mecklenburg State to set up a climatic health resort for lung patients.
1946 – 1992 In the Amsee Park, the acute and rehabilitation clinic Amsee developed into an important cross-regional speciality centre.
1994 – 1998 The acute and rehabilitation clinic Amsee was newly built at Warener Buchen. The Schöller country house became the hospital administration building.
April 2005 Opening of “Hotel Amsee”: the hospital management was relocated in the Amsee Hospital. The Schöller country house was converted to Hotel Amsee with 27 spacious rooms.
Aug 11 Opening of the hotel extension with 35 comfort rooms and suites.
2013 Opening of the Amsee conference centre.
Autumn 2015 Planned opening of the spa area.
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