Bicycle tours


Since 2008, we are part of the Bett & Bike (bed and bike) directory and have been listed as a bicycle-friendly hotel. We offer you a covered and lockable bicycle parking space. If you are travelling without your bicycles, you can rent bicycles directly from our hotel. You can choose from different types of bicycles.

You can avail our in-house bicycle guide containing information about the region and six individual bicycle routes for € 3.00 at the hotel reception.

A hilly landscape, which was formed by the last Ice Age, with wide meadows and fields is located in the north of Waren. Despite the exceptional beauty of nature and varied localities in this region, only a few bicycle tourists use the routes outside of the Müritz National Park. With our in-house bicycle guide, we would like to show you options to explore this largely unknown yet exciting region that includes the “Mecklenburgische Schweiz” (the Switzerland of Mecklenburg) Nature Park and Kummerow Lake as well as the Nossentiner / Schwinzer Heide Nature Park.

Experience the unparalleled landscape, the nature parks, small villages and catch a glimpse of manor houses and country-side mansions on your bicycles. We would not only like to encourage you to indulge into the refreshing and healing effect of moving in the fresh air, but to also go on exploration tours on bicycles. Therefore, we have decided to add a brief description of the geographical and cultural history of the region to the route descriptions. These tours are restricted to the area between the Malchin Basin, the Varchentiner See (lake) and the Nossentiner / Schwinzer Heide Nature Park so that you can intensively explore this charming region. We wish you cheerful bicycle experiences and a good ride with sunshine both in the sky and in your heart!

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